Imaginary Entomology & The Glass Corsage

The first few days of class will focus on the creation of wearable and non-wearable bugs with wings using nature as the inspiration.  Day one involves wing construction, sculpting and color layering to mimic nature focusing on beetle, butterfly and cicada inspired pieces.  The pieces.  The second day will include flameworking in the morning after a short critique, followed by construction of the pieces in the afternoon.

The corsage class will focus on the creation of a glass corsage.  First will be the lampworking portion, followed by wire working and assemblag.  The students will learn how to create the sculptural shapes.  The students should have had several years of lampworking experience. Experimentation with color combinations will be encouraged.  The students will be shown how to create glass sculptures using creative methods with the final design in mind.  They will be making glass corsages of their OWN creation, not the exact piece shown.  Each piece they create will be unique to them.

Sara Sally LaGrand

     Class date to be announced