Mini-BeadCamps: custom designed for your interest

Your Dates and Subject: flameworking, metal clay, traditional metalwork

Marley Beers, the BeadCamp owner, has had a wonderful five years with BeadCamp and continues to learn many techniques from the best teachers available. She has been flameworking for about eight years and participating in juried fine art shows for twelve; doing about twenty-five per year. Now that she lives in Florida full time she'd love to have some more informal "glassy get togethers" at her BeadCamp facility. Would you like to schedule a "Mini BeadCamp" with Marley? If you are a little anxious about an upcoming BeadCamp you are attending, she can help you get up to speed with lessons and practice time a few days before it starts if there are no scheduling conflicts, or she can custom design a Mini BeadCamp vacation for you most any time of year. Marley can also teach you to design with your beads and/or teach you basic techniques for precious metal clay or traditional metal-working basics like wire work, sawing, dapping and forging. If you are interested in exploring ideas for your very own "Mini BeadCamp" contact Marley at or call her at 919-323-9799

Explore the options for "Mini BeadCamps" in case you:

are "rusty" and want to prep for an upcoming class.
are just starting and want to see if lampworking is for you.
want some help with particular areas you are having difficulty mastering.
just want to come for a "glassy" Florida vacation. 
want to learn other skills to complement your glass such as precious
metal clay, bead caps, clasps, beads, or traditional metal working techniques.

Here are three possible scenarios:
(but contact me and we'll design one ​just for you)

1. The "Lesson Plan"
​Designed for those who want a custom designed learning experience. This is a more intense program similar to the regular BeadCamps but with Marley as the teacher. Students will be queried about their skills and interests, and a program of the desired length and intensity will be designed for them. Class size is usually 1–3 students. Costs vary based on each situation. Lessons with torch time $60 for a half day, $100 for a full day, including free torch time in the evening. This is available to any skill level including people who have never been on a torch before. Those with experience may want to work on a particular project or skill set in glass or metal. For example, "remedial" work on heat control to take you to the next level of expertise, concentration on stringer control, encasing, instruction on making specific beads. Perhaps you want to work on developing your own unique style, or want to add metal work in sheet metal, wire and PMC, such as making bead caps, forging neck pieces, making custom ear wires or findings. Supplies and materials are additional or you can bring your own.

2. The "Glassy Vacation"
We are located in a beautiful part of south Florida on the Gulf coast which is considered the "cultural coast of Florida" with many art museums, galleries, opera, theater, gardens and more.

These vacation sessions are designed for those who want to visit Florida and like to have access to a glass studio. You choose the number of days. Cost depends on number of days and what you want to do. Studio time is $8 per hour (includes oxygen, propane and use of torches and basic tools). Price break for groups.

3. The "Brush Up"
Designed for students who haven't torched for a while or do not have their own studio and want to practice before the BeadCamp starts or as a review after it's over. Available for singles or small groups for 1–3 days. Below is a suggestion but we can custom design it according to your needs.

Day I
Consult with Marley about techniques you want to strengthen and then work together to improve those techniques. Cost is $20 per hour or $80 for a half day (4 hours). Practice torch time cost is $8 per hour (suggested 3 hours). Go to beach or chill out reading at the cottage. No charge.

Day 2
Lesson with Marley for additional techniques. 1 hour @ $20. 
Practice torch time @ $8 per hour for 3 hours = $24. 
​Visit Selby Gardens or other local sites.  
You can plan any number of days.