About Lezlie

Lezlie has been a full time bead maker and glass artist, working in her home studio, since 2012. 

In 2014, while playing with cane and patterns she came upon the potential for something she had never seen before in soft glass, honeycombs!  She soon began concentrating a good part of her studio time on developing and refining the techniques used in these delightful designs.

Her unique honeycomb jewelry pieces have been published in books and magazines and have won numerous awards.  In 2017 she presented her honeycomb making technique at the ISGB conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Lezlie has been teaching beginning beadmaking since 2013.  She loves to see students stretch their imaginations and be inspired to create their own beautiful designs.  She bases her teaching upon skill building, bringing each piece of the design together by starting simple, and when students are comfortable, moving on to the more complicated processes. Each student leaves her honeycomb class with the complete tutorials for each of the techniques she teaches.

In 2018 she began teaching her honeycomb techniques 2 day classes in studios around the US and is very pleased to bring this brand new 5 day class to BeadCamp Bahamas!


Leslie Foster

A 5 day class that will have you in honeycomb heaven!  Learn all there is to know about building beautiful glass honeycombs and adding depth and interest to your works of art by layering colors.

We will make dripping honeycombs, flowered honeycombs, round and flat honeycomb beads, and honeycomb window beads. I will teach you the easiest murrini use and placement for the designs and the best way to encase them. 

As an added bonus, you will also be learning basic coldworking skills!  Cold work is such a great addition to your toolbox of skills in beadmaking and can really help take your designs to new places!  It’s an exciting week packed full of great tips and fun!

Honeycomb Class

       May 7th - 11th, 2019 (Arrive May 6th & Depart May 12th