April 30th - May 4th, 2019 (Arrive April 29th & Depart May 5th

Playing in the Ocean

Come and learn how to make my Anenome Ocean Bead and Murrine then use that knowledge to create a beautiful Ocean Inspired mini Paperweight. This will be a great time to let go of controlled design, to go with the flow of the glass and learn some new techniques. I love to have a fun class where there are no rules we just see where the glass takes us . Over the week workshop we will be learning how to create a crisp swirl design within your beads. How to manipulate the glass to create beautiful oceanic designs using gravity and tools. We will be looking at how to create a more 3d effect to your beads and some useful tips on encasing and using clear glass to magnify your design. You will be working with Goldstone, Double Helix Glass and your very own signature murrine to make your unique Ocean Bead. Once we have learnt these techniques we will make a beautiful mini paperweight with an Ocean inspired theme. I work with minimal tools, using the flow of the glass and the heat from the flame to create intricate designs. If students wish to bring presses to assist them they are welcome. I like the lentil press (3.5cm) but it is whatever people are comfortable with.

Day 1 & 2

We will start our journey into the ocean by looking at the gravity wave technique I use within my own Ocean Beads. The challenge is to create and reflect the movement of water within your beads. There are a lot of options for this design and in this class we will be looking at the use of Reduction and Striking glass and how to swirl your glass to  make unique patterns in your beads.

Day 3

We will look at making some Anemone Murrine and learning how to blend colours to create unique cane to use within your own ocean beads.

Day 4

We will concentrate on how to get the very best from your flowering murine, how to get movement within them and to use multiple layers of murine within one design. We will then move on to make one of my signature Ocean Anemone Beads using Double Helix Glass, Handmade Murrine, and Goldstone.

Day 5

We will take all the knowledge we have gained over the last 4 days and create some mini Ocean Paperweights and have fun with all the techniques we have learnt.

Jennie Lamb