Precision in Glass: Twists, Disks & Big Hole Beads

Heather Trimlett

February 5th - 9th, 2019 (Arrive February 4th & Depart February 10th)

Skill level: Intermediate

The glass and history of Lauscha, Germany have long inspired the incredible work of Heather Trimlett, particularly with twisted cane. For nearly 25 years, she has developed and used designs with diverse textures, distinct application, and juxtaposition of color to create her intricate twist patterns. In this dynamic workshop, Heather will share her love of twisting glass while introducing patterns beyond imagination. You will advance your skill set, bring precision to your work, and expand your ability to understand and define the fine art of heat control.
Find your comfort zone in learning to use large mandrels in beadmaking. Challenge yourself through a series of tips and tricks to conquer this technique. Become so comfortable with Heather’s method of applying glass to a mandrel in such a precise way, your large disks will always maintain their shape. Understand the fundamentals of centering a pattern and laying on a twist that will ensure an end-to-end match on your bead.  
Through her unique style of teaching and creative problem solving, questions that you are facing in your current work can also be explored helping you to not only be a better beadmaker, but increase your level of confidence in your consistency and detail of design.
In this energetic environment, the question will simply be about how much of a challenge you are up to?
Heather’s work has been exhibited both domestically and internationally, as well as being featured in numerous publications. You can learn more about Heather and her work at