January 15th - January 19th, 2019 (Arrive January 14th & Depart January 20th)

A Five Day Retreat into Metal Clay, Glass Finials and Felted and Embellished Bits and Parts!

This 5 day class will expose you to 3 very different materials in a succession where each part will build on the previous days work. A two part metal clay ‘locket’ will begin our exploration, followed by a lamp worked surprise to fill said locket followed up by a possible housing to keep the locket in? Students need only bring an object to create a mold of that we will cast two sides of to create your locket. Consider volume, texture and scale, possibly a nut, or a shell or????

Kits will be provided for the felting and metal clay, students will need to bring lamp working tools, glass will be provided.

Gail Crosman Moore is an artist being called to illustrate the exceptional phases of life through metaphor; the life cycle of a seedpod.  Pods house seeds and hidden potential.  Seeds emerge into life, meant to reproduce. Life fades, decay takes the husk back to earth.

Disparate materials are used to share surface, to highlight comparisons like matte and shiny, hot and cold, big and little, soft and hard. Glass, metal, wool, paper, resin are all featured.

The last three years have been documented by capturing the low light of sunrise and sunset in Provincetown, MA. Travel and teaching round out  the professional aspects of this artists life.

In A Nutshell

Gail Crosman Moore