Recycle Bottles & make beads!

​July 12th

One day

This is an intermediate class focusing on how to work with scrap glass from bottles. We will be learning how to safely cut bottles, how to determine if one bottle is compatible with another one and how to flame work this exciting and recycled material.

Bronwen Heilman

Surface & Reverse Painting on Glass, Recycled Glass & Intro to Boro

Surface & Reverse Painting on Glass

July 8th - 10th
Day 1: We will be creating core beads. We will also be mixing enamels and getting everything ready to "paint"

Day 2: We will be creating our own one of a kind small glass paintings on flat glass. We will learn how different brushes create different effects, and how to sign your name on your work. We will be painting on our core beads with wet enamels.

Day 3: We will be lighting the torch, and rolling up our sleeves, as well as our paintings, to create beautiful pieces of wearable art. There will be a lot of hands on practice in order to become comfortable with the amount of heat we need, and the new tools we will be using to make the glass images permanent on our bead.

     July 8th - 14th (Arrive July 7th & Depart July 15th)

Beginning Borosilicate

July 13th & 14th

Day 1: We will cover safety and learn to work with borosilicate glass for the first time. Each student will make colorful pendants and experience the basics of how hot glass moves, and how to shape it.

Day 2: We will expand our knowledge into using stringers, how to wipe on color, controlling the heat, and creating some beautiful items.