Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

This course will begin with going over important fundamentals of working with borosilicate glass tubing and color. We will begin with the basics of creating a hollow blown bead from start to finish, then we move on to explore a variety of shaping and patterning techniques.

Phase two will use our newfound familiarity with these methods to create small vessels and/or bottles. This will give us a foundation to then explore some small sculptural elements and assembly techniques to create toppers for the vessels.

The third and final phase will be an introduction to making functional drinkware, starting with a shot glass and finishing with a wine glass.

This will be an odyssey of lampworking, rich with insight into fundamentals, patterning techniques and the creative process itself.  

It is highly recommended that you have experience with making soft glass mandrel beads at the very least. If you have experience with boro and/or boro tubing, and larger flames that will be very helpful. That said, I am patient and willing to help carry students through the challenge of these new realms to the best of my ability because we all have to start somewhere. All of these techniques are scalable, so the lessons can be practiced at a size that is manageable for you.
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Beau Barrett

       May 21st - 25th, 2019 (Arrive May 20th & Depart May 26th

Breaking Boundaries with Hollow Blown Boro Beads, Vessels & More