July 16th - 20th, 2019 (Arrive July 15th & Depart July 21st

Sculpting Water & The Art of Darkness

Skill Level:

Creating Enameled Lagoons and Tidal Pools in Metal Clay:

Compelling, sensuous, magical water. Liquid energy.  Restorative,  healing...meditative,  tidal pools... tropical lagoons. I love water, it always inspires in me a sense of wonder, happiness, peace. So my  inspiration became an engineering problem, actually a reverse engineering problem, except the original we recreate was made by mother nature...how to create texture and depth, how to get the look of a bottomless lagoon, and  how deep could I make large pools of enamel without the scourge of stress cracks. Turns out, it's all about ratios.

 Come on a journey with me and learn how to capture that elusive look of endless watery depths in enamel  and metal clay.  The class project is to finish one stepped lagoon ring with enamel.  I will furnish several templates students can use with different contours  to make different lagoons, A lagoon is so personal.  We will construct our lagoons out of fine silver metal clay and attach a cast fine silver cast ringband as a base. Students will spend time learning the various ways to make a lagoon, from pencil and paper to, to using the Curio to cut out your templates, the easy ratio's will be explained and everyone should go home knowing how to reverse engineer another lagoon, pond or even a swimming pool.  I will bring my Curio to demo to those who are interested, but this is not a Curio class, it's just another way of showing you how to let the machine do the math easily. 

I will bring several watery colors of enamel you can choose from. You can finish one ring in the one day class. The enamel must be fired in layers so that takes a little time and the more you make it a meditative experience, the better it will turn out.   I will explain how the stress geometry works,  how to avoid cracks, the secret for getting the depth and I will even bring some mermaid's tails in fine silver you can purchase to insert in your pool, since I'm convinced that many tidal pools have them.  Small rocks or anything of your Choosing.

Steel Wire & Metal Clay:

Welcome to the Dark Side!! Students will learn how to use dark annealed steel wire with copper/white copper/silver clay all in one firing! And shaping any gauge you can think of easily with heat! The art of gold plating on silver and white copper will be taught. Students will learn how to finish their steel like a pro and achieve a velvety dark black/a shiny dark black or a lovely silver.  Also how to finish your earrings with  silver niobium wire and achieve the black color if you prefer. Quick finish torch firing enamels onto the finished pieces will be taught. Magical tricks will be revealed! Comprehensive handouts and shared sources will be provided. 

Ann Davis