Imploded Rainbows & Eclectic Torch Paintings

Bea Stoertz

Skill Level: Advanced beginner to Intermediate

Bea will show you how she creates her rainbow-colored implosion beads and objects. (3 days)

You will learn how to do the special prep-work for her different kinds of implosions and incorporate them to several bead shapes, either pressed, free-formed or off-mandrel. You will even discover how to shape cabochons for interchangeable jewelry with just a graphite paddle. And you will also be exploring the making of mini paperweights.

 Bea Stoertz has been a beadmaker since 2005. The love of all colors of the rainbow drew her to lampworking.
Also being a jewelry designer, she loves to develop new wearable designs.
Having already worked intensively with vitreous powder on and in glass beads, she had all the colors of enamels in her studio. It was only a matter of time that she longed for a stroll “out of the box” and use them on copper as her new medium.

She taught herself all the basics of torch enameling and then: A new combination of two old techniques evolved as Bea the Beadmaker did what she could do best: Torch enameling “Lampworker style”

Eclectic Torch Paintings: (2 days)
It’s all about using vitreous enamels in the torch but on copper and blending those juicy rainbow colors Bea is known for.

In this class we are going to develop extraordinary mixed media jewelry pieces from the scratch.

You will be making some glass beads and toppers and will then incorporate them to your own brand-new torch-fired copper enamels.

You will learn basic metal work, like cutting, sawing and finishing self-designed pieces from a sheet of copper. You will also do some easy riveting with sterling silver.

At the end you may call several pieces of wearable art your own.

February 19th - 23rd, 2019 (Arrive February 18th & Depart February 24th)